These instructions will guide you to install any linux distributon over a network using PXE to boot the system.


  • Files specific to your distribution of choice.
  • The PXELINUX binary.
  • TFTPD32, a free TFTP+DHCP server. (also has a few other nifty tools) (or sudo apt-get install xinetd tftpd if under linux)
  • A crossover network cable.
  • A spare ethernet port on your computer. (you can make one by buying a USB Ethernet adapter)
  • A USB thumb drive. (if you need to carry files across)

Distro SpecificEdit

If you have a distribution in mind that isn't listed below, please use a search engine to find out what to do. If you wish to share the way you followed, or have a way for a distro not listed below, feel free to edit this page and add it.

Fedora LinuxEdit

Debian LinuxEdit

  • Download the kernel and the initrd.
  • Create a folder called pxelinux.cfg, and in it a file called "default", which contains the following:
    default bootup
    label bootup
    	kernel linux
    	append vga=normal initrd=initrd.gz console=ttyS0,38400n8 --

All DistributionsEdit

  • Install the TFTPD program.
  • Move the kernel, initrd, pxelinux.0 and the pxelinux.cfg folder into the TFTPD directory.
  • Go to DHCP server and set your IP pool start, the size of your pool, the boot file to pxelinux.0, the default router and the netmask.
  • Check that - PXE Compatibility is checked and - Ping address before asignation is unchecked
  • Connect your ALIX computer to your computer via the crossover network cable and USB thumb drive (if needed) and turn it on.
  • Press "S" During memory check to access bios configuration. Enable PXE Boot by pressing "E".
  • As soon as it loads the kernel and initrd, disconnect it from your computer and connect it to your network for Internet access. It will pick up an IP address when it comes to perform the network install.

Rescue me!Edit

If you need to perform a rescue, you can alter this configuration to boot into a rescue mode.


Add the following text to the append line in the default file, before the two dashes:


All othersEdit

Add the following text to the append line in the default file: